How to Come Up With a Fabulous Yet Unique Personal Look

April 01, 2018

How to Come Up With a Fabulous Yet Unique Personal Look

Even though clothes don’t make the man, the fact is that they say a lot about him, which is exactly why we pay so much attention to our personal style. Coming up with your unique look can be a piece of cake if you know what you’re doing, so be sure you stay with us to learn how to get it done. Here are five useful tips on how to accomplish that, so check them out and enjoy!

Explore your options and learn what suits your personal taste

The first step towards achieving your unique personal look is to find out what you like in terms of trends, prints, patterns, fabric, and color palettes. A lot of ladies feel comfortable wearing menswear-inspired suits and masculine cuts, whereas others enjoy feminine silhouettes and ladylike dresses.
Some women love wearing sportswear no matter the occasion, while some other women adore high heels and designer bags. What are your personal preferences? Do you prefer pretty pastels, or you love a fiery red and black outfit? Are girly combos your cup of tea, or you can’t live without your edgy leather jacket and bold leather booties? If you still aren’t sure, Pinterest can help you a lot – just pin your favorite outfits, and let them help you decide what you should go for!

Make sure you come up with an authentic makeup look

Your makeup look is also a huge part of your personal style, and a lot of ladies were famous exactly for their makeup. Remember Marilyn Monroe and her red lipstick, and Amy Winehouse with her bold black liner? These women were recognized thanks to these statement features, so be sure you come up with an authentic makeup look as well. Of course, a lot of ladies love classic no-makeup makeup ones, which are more than fine on a daily basis. Adding just a touch of color like deep red or hot pink can transform such a look into a more glamorous one appropriate for formal and glamorous occasions, which is exactly what you should go for if you want to be noticed.

Take proper care of your hair as well

Speaking of Marilyn Monroe and Amy Winehouse, we can also say that these ladies were also famous for their unique hairstyles – Marilyn for her platinum blonde locks, and Amy for her big black beehive-like hairdo which will never be forgotten. Of course, you signature hairstyle should depend on the length and quality of your hair, and your personal preferences that determine your style in general. A lot of sassy girls can pull off short hair and androgynous vibe it brings, whereas other girls simply adore long, straight hair that leaves everyone speechless. No matter what you opt for, we’re sure that you’re going to rock it like a real diva!

Tattoos as an example of permanent body art

Tattoos have always been linked to misfits and rebellious souls that wanted to stand out from the crowd, but these are in fact a way to permanently decorate your body and tell your personal story at the same time. For example, Aussie girls have always known that the pictures on their bodies are as important as the clothes they wear – perhaps because Australia is such a warm country.
Inked skin is therefore a thing in the Land Down Under, as nothing is more personal and unique than a good tattoo. A lot of gals are getting gorgeous Japanese tattoos in Sydney, and these usually depict koi fish, dragons, and cherry blossoms – traditional Japanese symbols. These represent victory, wisdom, success, and strength, which is why they are the most wanted tattoos. Just be sure to consult with the artist before you make your final decision in order for your tattoo to be an authentic symbol that tells your story without any words.

Let your favorite perfume be your signature scent

In case you didn’t know, about 80 percent of your sense of taste is driven by your sense of smell, which is exactly why it plays such a huge role in your life. Your fragrance preferences are often tied to the memories you attach to particular scents, which is why you opt for specific perfumes and stick to them no matter what. That’s exactly how you should choose your signature scent – just stick to your favorite perfume and use it all the time, so the people in your environment start identifying and recognizing you thanks to it. That’s the key to success!

As you can see, there are some important steps towards creating your unique personal look, so be sure you stick to our tips if you want to make that happen. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to accomplish this task like a true pro, one step at a time!

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