Why Japanese Makeup is Making a Comeback

March 14, 2018

Japanese makeup trends are stealing the spotlight, and it extends beyond the mainland. Even beauty gurus in the states are picking up on Japan's unique cosmetic crazes. From straight eyebrows to packed on blush, take a look at why these top Japanese makeup trends are making a comeback:

Sheet Masks

Have you ever heard of the phrase, "skincare first, makeup second"? This beauty virtue has always been praised in Japan, but it's only now that others are starting to pick up on its value. Sheet masks before makeup application are all the rage because they create a perfectly smooth canvas. There are plenty of sheet masks out in the market, so you won't have any trouble finding one that's right for you. Looking to moisturize dry skin? Go for an aloe vera infused face mask. Want to impurify and unclog your pores? Charcoal sheet masks do an amazing job.
Not only are sheet masks making a comeback, but all types of Japanese organic skincare products. They take a less harsh and more simplistic approach compared to skincare products in the states. 

Straight Eyebrows

Highly-arched eyebrows are so five years ago. Now, makeup lovers are gravitating towards eyebrows with a straighter shape. This brow form, along with the thickness, creates a friendlier and more feminine face. They also give way to a more youthful appearance.
If you want to achieve straight eyebrows, you'll need to trust the growing process and refrain from over-plucking. Many makeup products can also help you achieve the shape along the way, such as creams, gels, and pomades.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions may just be making an appearance in the states, but they've always been huge in Japan. People go to salons to achieve looks that strip lashes can't. For example, a strip lash might be too long and heavy for someone's eyelid, but eyelash extensions will perfectly cater to her eye shape and preference.
The best part about eyelash extensions is how many steps they take off of your makeup routine. Instead of having to wake up early and apply eyeliner, mascara, and fake lashes, you just have to wash your face and apply your normal skin makeup. Dozens of people are addicted to getting their eyelashes done, and it's all for good reason.

Heavily-Applied Blush

It isn't just in animes that you'll find overly rosy cheeks—many cosmetics enthusiasts are starting to embrace a heavy blush application. Social media is home to this trend; open your Instagram app and you'll see plenty of beauty gurus sporting pink on their faces. This doll-like look is appealing for the same reasons straight eyebrows are: They make the person look friendlier, feminine, and youthful.
To sport this trend, extend your blush application beyond the apples of your cheeks. Slowly brush towards your eyes and towards the bridge of your nose to build an overall peachy effect.

Lip Tints 

To counteract their dense blush and bold eyebrows, Japanese beauty lovers lean towards a lighter lip. Lip tints are great because they provide color without being overbearing. More and more people outside of Japan are following suit—other makeup wearers are putting away their matte and glossy products and embracing a more natural lip.
Just head to your local drugstore to easily find a lip tint. As an added bonus, match the lip color to your rosy cheeks!

Overall, the introduction of Japanese makeup trends has done plenty of good. People brag about the benefits they bring, from clear and glowing skin to a pretty, yet natural face.

--This article written by Joanna Cheng, editor of Black Paint --

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