Mighty Weapons to Help Boost Your Beauty - by Amy Mia

January 16, 2018

this is a guest post by Amy Mia @ highstylelife

There is never a bad time to start showing your skin some extra love in order to get it in the healthiest, most glowing, plump and radiant shape possible. However, of all times, the post-holiday, New Year’s resolution time might just be the best. It’s the time we vow to improve ourselves in every aspect possible, which makes it this the most perfect moment to grab onto the holiday momentum and start your journey towards better skin and enhancement of natural beauty. To that end, we have created what we believe is a list of all-star products and treatments that will take your skin places it wants to go – Flawlesstown, so stay with us and jump on board anytime.


Back to basics

Medical experts and dermatologists keep warning us of the dangers of UVA and UVB rays incessantly, and yet, most of us remain oblivious to the importance of sun protection. Perhaps the most sun-conscious women on the planet – Australian women can teach us a thing or two about protection. A typical Aussie will never leave the house without applying sun block – both on her body and her face.
A high SPF won’t cut it – broad spectrum sunscreen is the only right way to go. Given the impeccable natural and youthful glow noticed on the girls from the land Down Under, this is a lesson we should all put into practice ASAP. Protect today for a healthy tomorrow.


Hidden gems

You might be familiar with the benefits of swimming to the figure and overall fitness levels. What may still be the unknown to some is that swimming does wonders for the skin as well. Recent research conducted at the Indiana University has come to a conclusion that regular swimmers don’t only look but are biologically 20 years younger than non-swimmers. Aside from that, spending time in water improves circulation, bringing freshness and plumpness to the face and it also serves to unclog the pores and leave you with a smooth, clean canvas.


Turn back time

If you have already noticed clear signs of sun damage such as premature skin aging, melasma, wrinkles and loss of volume, it’s time to do something about it and take back what the sun and time have taken from you. This non-invasive treatment is another thing Australians are completely crazy about, and they have found their skin-recovery Holy Grail in painless, non-surgical and non-invasive dermal fillers in Perth and other major cities in Australia. These are simple and safe injections that bring back volume, reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin in the most natural-looking way. There is no healing time and it is precisely due to the natural results that Australian women are so fond of this treatment.


Time for a new player

If your skincare regimen has been short of a new star-player that goes by the name ‘serum’ it is high time to rectify the situation. Serums are powerful skincare products that walk that perfect line between light formula and heavy-hitting ingredients. They contain a high concentration of active ingredients, much higher than the best moisturizer out there.
The best part is, there are different types of serums that cater to different skin types and target distinct skin issues, and on top of that, they deliver on their promise. The way to incorporate a serum into your routine is right after cleansing and before moisturizer. It should be noted that serum without a moisturizer will not suffice. The latter serves to seal in all the beneficial ingredients and lock in moisture.


Frequent house guests

When you’ve chosen a cleanser, a serum and a moisturizer that suits your skin type, aside from sticking with them (consistency is everything), there are two products that should be welcomed into your bathroom every so often. These two guests are called the sheet mask and exfoliator. In order to reveal the healthy plump skin, you need to take the time to gently exfoliate the dead cells. Now, abrasive exfoliators will not to as they can only irritate the skin and result in a counter-effect.
Gentle is the key word here, and don’t practice this more than three times a week as anything more frequent than this can actually strip your skin of its (desired) natural oils. After completing this, it’s time to move on to the sheet mask, which has surged in popularity for a very good reason. They refresh, brighten the complexion and provide a hydration boost like no other masks so far. There are different ones for every particular need, but given the harsh weather that sucks the moisture from the skin, the best way to start your sheet journey is with a hydrating mask.

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