How ThredUp Scammed Me for a 5% "Payout"

January 06, 2018

So ok, maybe it does "work" and they "pay" you. But it wasn't far off from a scam. I sent in a huge bag of clothes, with everything from Ralph Lauren, Express, Ann Taylor, Forever 21 and more. Out of a bag of possibly 30 pieces, 8 were worthy enough for their site and of the 8, 4 were immediately accepted and listed on their site. My total payout? $2.00

Yeah you read that right.


Now I understand I'm not going to get the full price that they sell it for, even less than 50/50. But $2 on 4 items (3 have sold) with a total selling value online for $40 (that even includes after they were marked down) is 5%. Five pathetic disrespectful motherfudging 5%.

I think the part that pissed me off the most was how the site was promoted as a way to make money on old clothes, if it were marketed as a donation site like Goodwill Stores, I wouldn't be so salty. But with the promise of money I sent in clothes I otherwise would have kept or tried to sell myself.

Thankfully, there is a "reclaim" option on the other 4 clothes that weren't immediately accepted and I was able to get them back...after paying the groan-worthy-you're-obviously-using-this-as-a-way-to-get-more-money $6 in shipping

....but hey at least I could apply my $2 credit.

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