Styling Mexico

January 13, 2017

Over the holidays I was fortunate enough to visit Playa del Carmen and Cozumel in Quinta Roo, Mexico and the beautiful colors of the city mixed with the calming crash of ocean waves gave me so much inspiration for style. Traveling for almost 2 weeks meant I had to learn how to mix and match my outfits, while keeping them wearable and easy to tour the city in.

When we first got into Mexico and got set up at our AirBnB in Playa del Carmen, I immediately changed to this lightweight off the shoulder top -- it was hot even in December. The country as a whole was bolder and more carefree than what I had experienced in the U.S.; I tried to blend in with the cobalt blue purse.

Oh and I ate a cricket. Locals love them, and although they didn't have much flavor, I couldn't get over the whole 'eating a bug' idea and the little legs getting caught in my throat.

Walking the beach and keeping it casual, I found myself wearing my Lilly Pulitzer beach coverup over my bathing suit quite a few times.

...even though I didn't want to cover up my bathing suit that much. It's so cute!

One of the coolest places we had dinner was a restaurant named Alux, that was housed in a cave underground. Honestly not the greatest food we had on the trip, but it was definitely an out of this world atmosphere.

Hasta luego Mexico!

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