One Tip to Revamp Your Whole Wardrobe

December 16, 2016

A few months ago, while doing my rounds at Marshalls, I realized I always pick up the same types of items. No matter what style idea I have in mind or how many pins I save to my camera roll, I always would end up leaving with the same type of clothes I always would wear-- boring, bland and nothing special.

yes these are real photos of me in my "cutest" going out attire, I'm sorry for me too 

Then it dawned on me, if I'm picking out stuff I like, and it looks like what I have...why not pick out something I don't like? This is now my hack to getting new clothes that are different styles, and much more elevated fashion than my usual t-shirt and jeans. I pick up stuff to try on that I don't like all that much, not necessarily ugly clothing, but just not something I'm drawn to. Although I've tried on a lot of duds and misses, I've also found some stuff I wouldn't have dared to try before. Great fashion doesn't require great cost, contrary to what everyone tries to sell you on Instagram. Finding a new style means branching out from your own and doing the opposite of your usual.
Try pairing your cheap finds with some designer accessories and statement pieces (check out how I get them for even less than retail here) to style your wardrobe even more and add another layer to your look.

What's your style now versus where you want it to be? For me I'm trying to be a bit more upscale while keeping it effortless.

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