Over the Knee Boots Under $50 + Inspiration

October 28, 2016

I'm obsessed with fall. Like sipping on a pumpkin spice latte - scarf wearing - leaf jumping - cuddling up by the fire obsessed. One of my favorite new additions to fall this year are over the knee/thigh high boots. They're warm but look so chic, and just make it look like you tried a little harder than throwing on an oversized sweater and leggings.

However like most good things, thigh high boots get expensive really fast, and they're an emerging trend so they're not super easy to find either. Here are some of my favorite picks for affordable over the knee boots, that are pretty good quality as well, plus a mini lookbook of my fall boot inspiration!

AMI Clubwear - Ok this site is my new favorite for going out shoes. I'll preface that these shoes aren't the best quality, however, they're super duper cheap so they're great if you know you'll be trashing your shoes in a couple of wears. For example, these thigh highs are great to wear to a club.

TJ Maxx - Ugh how did we ever live before TJX? Check back here periodically, they get new brands in all the time, but right now I'm loving these.

6pm - It's a site similar to TJ Maxx, but it's meant for online and doesn't have physical stores, it's another great place to check often or get on an email list to see when great brands come in or are on sale.

Overstock - Also has great options that get updated regularly, but I think they have a wider variety of brands over TJX and 6pm.

Target - I love it, you love it, we all love Target. But even though you could find some cute pieces there before, they really are stepping up their game...like dang Target. Plus I feel super comfortable knowing I can return them in store with no issues.

Go Jane - This place can be hit or miss, I think it always depends on what sales they have going on, it's sort of the place you never buy anything full price.

Rue21 - Ok I do not remember the last time I shopped here, I was probably in middle school going through my cool girl with neon graphic tees and a million jelly bracelets phase. I cringe thinking about this place. But they have changed A LOT. Like these shoes are cute. They're so cute. And cheap with their buy one get one $10 promo right now.

Here's some inspiration to help you with your search as well; pin these look books for later too.

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