5 Books Every Fashionista Should Read

September 23, 2016

*this is a guest post by Caroline at Culture Coverage

For lovers of greatly composed photographs, stylists with larger than life personalities and the faces that changed the business, here are my five picks for texts that no style guru can go without checking out.

Grace: A Memoir by Grace Coddington

Vogue Editor-at-Large Grace Coddington traveled from a small town in the British Isles to the storied halls of American Vogue to deliver her whimsical, fashion-filled storylines to the masses. In her first literary work, Grace: A Memoir takes readers from her humble beginnings to the star-studded, glamourous world of fashion.  

The Glass of Fashion by Cecil Beaton

In The Glass of Fashion, it’s all about the journey of one of the most noted fashion photographers, Cecil Beaton, through his storied career. Packed with the personalities, designers and top of the line couture that defined an age. Beaton’s lookbook is for anyone with a love for for great compositions. 

Rare Bird of Fashion: The Irreverent Iris Apfel by Eric Bowman

Iris isn’t anyone’s version of a typical nonagenarian and Rare Bird of Fashion: The Irreverent Iris Apfel is all about her never-ending collection of fashion must-haves that defy trends and cement her original style. With originality, pizazz and more designer pieces than the Vogue closet, this read is for fashion gurus who like to bend the rules. For more, check out the documentary Iris, currently streaming on American Netflix.  

Kate Moss by Mario Testino

Fashion is as defined by the clothes as it is by the faces who wear them, and no face was more influential in the last fifty years than Kate Moss. Combine that with the titular eye of famed photographer Mario Testino, and you’ve got a match made in fashion heaven. Dive into the pages of Kate Moss by Mario Testino for show-stopping couture and history, as photographer and muse illustrate just what it takes for a collaboration to make a legend.

Gods & Kings: The Rise and Fall of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano by Dana Thomas

Bringing their larger than life personalities and fashion genius to a stymied industry, McQueen and Galliano share similar origin stories from rough parts of London and ultimately usher in a billion-dollar industry on the coattails of their revolutionary collections. Edgy, glamourous and most of all fun, the fashion history that is Gods and Kings: The Rise and Fall of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano is one that takes its readers into the depths of two titans who continue to change the world around them.

From photographers to muses to style icons to designers, these five books encompass the creative and revolutionary stories of fashion that make for great reading. Have a favorite not on this list? Share your pick in the comments below! 

About the author: Caroline is a technology junkie and closet fashion nerd who writes for Culture Coverage and Secure Thoughts. With a ten-year collection of every American Vogue published, she loves just about anything fashion.

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