16 Great Fashion Blogs You've Never Heard Of

August 05, 2016

What I love:
  • An edgy and unique style
  • A mix of lifestyle and fashion posts, but all showcase her personality and style
  • She contributes to a lot of other blogs and really shows versatility

What I love:
  • A boho, chic style that is super wearable
  • Her photos are extremely clear and have beautiful backgrounds
  • Lifestyle tips that feel like you're talking to a friend

What I love:
  • Girly, colorful style with a vintage touch
  • A focus on the clothes and not lifestyle
  • Easy links to afordable styles
What I love:
  • Cool girl, sporty edge
  • Variety of posts and types of content
  • Includes mens style as well

What I love:
  • A no frills, straight to the point attitude
  • Draws inspiration from around the web, not just photos of herself
What I love:
  • Range of posts for all styles and trends
  • Vibrant style that she makes easy to wear and accessorize
  • Not only inspiration but gives recommendations, trend reports and humor as well

What I love:
  • An extremely vivid and visual site to explore
  • Easy access links to products shown

What I love:
  • A fresh vibe that doesn't feel like the same blog you've seen before
  • Draws inspiration from around the world and from high fashion to street style

What I love:
  • The name totally suits the blog, super chic but wearable
  • Her OOTD's are filtered by season and easy to view
  • Pieces are affordable and fashionable

What I love:
  • Blog theme feels like you're reading a luxurious magazine
  • Her style is different and has a strong Parisian feel
  • Easy to shop looks with the 'shop this post' bar

What I love:
  • From Australia, a rising hot spot for style
  • Has a lot of cute and helpful recipies and reviews

What I love:
  • Beautiful vintage glam feel to her blog
  • On trend reports and insights
  • Versatile posts that are photo rich and heavy

What I love:
  • Down to earth, real woman with attainable style
  • Italian/European influences
  • More mature than most other bloggers, giving her a refined style

What I love:
  • Elegant, mature looks
  • Photo heavy posts, that are easy to pin for inspiration

What I love:
  • Interesting blog layout that is unique and easy to understand
  • Grecian background to her photos give them beauty and complexion
  • Her casual style that has an effortless elegance

What I love:
  • Grey and black cohesive color scheme
  • Interesting posts on what she's styled but also how to style yourself
  • Linked YouTube that gives further explanation and inspirations

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