How 'Brexit' Is Changing the Fashion Industry

July 08, 2016

Fashion trends have always followed world events, and the major news of the Brexit vote, or Britain's vote under exit from the European Union, is no exception. With all the world looking to Britain, and a strong sense of political disarray, next winter (2017) should see a resurgence of punk, with some grunge like inspiration appearing in 2016 winter. This autumn/winter will also be big on metallics and bare/off the shoulders, so be sure to check my previous posts and not miss a beat.

Look for ripped shirts, blacks and vampy reds, plaid, chunky boots, stiletto nails and choppy layers in hair. Here's some 'Brexit' inspiration for this winter and 2017:

Brexit Inspiration

In addition, Brexit means big changes in the fashion industry; Britain is a major player in trends, and it's likely the Brits will fall some as a fashion powerhouse. It will be tougher for them to get trends as quickly as they were, and can lead to increases in prices for consumers. We could see some big changes in the fashion industry, and it may be the U.S.'s time to shine as our London favorites take a backseat.

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