Mad for Metallics

June 24, 2016

metallic sunglasses runway

In Fashion: Unless you've been living under a rock, metal tones have been on the rise since last season, and really reached their peak during this year's Met Gala. I predict metallics in fashion are on the decline, but will continue throughout next summer, and will take on more subtle forms from there, such as into shoes and handbags and details of clothes rather than the garment itself.

Metallics are also influencing the finish of garments; it's rare that we see a metal look with a matte or brushed finish. In fact, the whole style of metallics is not so much its metal look, but about its shine and sheen. This idea is key and is leading to the rise of shiny satins and opalescents (and will play into the beauty talked about below).

metallic runway

metallic runway winter autumn 2017 2016 inspirationFrom summer to fall: Metallics take on darker tones and a rougher, more tangible texture rather than the slick, vinyl touch and variety of colors we saw in summer. With the chill causing everyone to cover up, shine will become especially prominent in details, accessories and beauty.
jeffree star cosmetics liquid lipstick metallic
Beauty: Highlighters are HOT for summer, and although popular in golden or rosey tones, highlighters will still be popular for winter, but will shift to silvery tones. Kylie Jenner just introduced her newest "metal" liquid lipsticks, as did Colorpop, and we can imagine other brands, especially Maybelline, NYX (have some but I'm guessing they will come out with some more wearable shades) and Jeffree Star Cosmetics (already rumored to be working on one now). For now, if you can't get your hands on Colorpop or Kylie's, Milani has a great drugstore line of metallic lip cremes.

As if that wasn't enough glitz and shine to get you excited, shimmery lids are also rising, along with frosted lids for fall, but will turn into dark metallics for winter, then back to frosty sheen for spring 2017.

kylie jenner cosmetics liquid lipstick metallic

nars runway inspiration colorpop liquid highlighter silver eyeshadow

Most important for beauty is to remember that shimmer and metallic do not mean glitter. It's so 2011.

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