HOT Trending Now: Bare Shoulders

June 10, 2016

I titled this post "HOT Trending Now" rather than my usual "trending now" because this trend is going crazy. About a week ago I started noticing more shirts and knits with cutouts on the shoulders, and throughout this week while looking at Resort 2017 looks, I was surprised to see just about every show including them. Keep in mind that since this trend is so sudden and hitting the industry so hard and quickly, it will probably die by fall, but I expect it to resurface in Spring/Summer 2017 when it gets warmer out.

I made some inspiration boards I hope you like, as well as some places to buy these. The idea isn't just a bare shoulder, it's a new accent to the shoulders, accentuating them by playing them down compared to its surroundings.

off the shoulder trend fashion look book inspiration board mood

kylie jenner off the shoulder cold fashion runway

Asos, $13

Asos, $57

Nordstrom MISSGUIDED, $46

Free People, $154

Free People, $128

Charlotte Russe, $29

Venus, $36

Venus, $24

I love these tops (can you tell by my 50 examples?) They took some time for me to come around to, but they make you look so chic and feminine, helllloooo elongating your collar bones! This style is also so easy to find, and in such a range of prices, I love these for going out at night, to brunch, or even on casual Sunday's to the grocery store.

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