The Secrets to Taking the Perfect Instagram

May 27, 2016

Ah insta, we all scroll through it about 3 times every hour (whoops) but do you ever feel like everyone else has these perfect posts and yours just looks....average? Having good posts on instagram can lead to more followers, likes, and is a representation of who you are and what you like. Follow these tips to take the perfect Instagram photo and get on your way to social media fame.

Mix your photos
Don't make every post a selfie! To make your posts stand out they have to be different from one another and show a variety of your tastes.

Have someone else take the photo
On that note of selfies...stop taking them! In general, you look much better with a full body shot, and having someone else (with a steady hand) take your photo will look more professional. If there's a great hair day and no one around to see it, plug in headphones with the microphone that you can click to hang up a call, when you click this button on the headphones it will take a picture.

Follow the 2/3 rule
In photography there's a basic rule known as the 2/3 rule. Your subject (a flower, a bench, you, your dog, a piece of artwork...) should be in one third of the photo frame, while the background is in the rest. It will add a lot more to your photo and give the eye something  more interesting to look at.

Keep it simple stupid
Sometimes cluttered photos with a lot going on do look good, but for the most part your photo should look organized, bright and simple. To keep a "theme" or color scheme going with your Insta feed, try downloading the app VSCO, where you can copy and paste edits as well as preview what a new post will look like on your feed.

Edit it
I had a friend who edited her photos so well I asked her what camera she used and she said HER IPHONE! Play with changing shadows, brightness, darkness, contrast, etc. other than just tapping auto adjust. For this I recommend the apps Photoshop Express and VSCO, they're really simple to use. Also photos with blueish hues are more likely to get more likes, seriously, someone did a study on it.

Don't over edit it
Along those lines, don't over edit your photo. You want it to look like you in the best lighting on a good day, not like filters threw up all over it. So limit yourself to just a few changes in levels (brightness, contrast, etc) and one filter. And don't make every post one filter, especially black and white or sepia.

Take your time

It might take 25 shots to get the picture you want and half an hour of editing to get a good photo of a flower, but it won't go unrecognized. Better quality photos will get more likes. Just remember to show your personality in all of them and keep to the theme of who you are as an instagrammer.

And the most special secret tip of all....
This is a bit of an explanation so bear with me, I did this once and it really helped get my instagram more attention, followers and likes, it's really great for brand or company instagrams! Download one of those 'like' apps and watch videos or like other people's photos to get coins, don't spend the money on them. After a few days of doing this constantly you should have a good amount of coins to "buy" likes with. Pick your favorite, most perfect picture and post it, then use the likes app to buy as many likes as you possibly can. With so many likes, it will be seen by a lot of people and make it to the popular page to be seen even more.

I hope these tips helped! Want more tips on Instagram or other social media sites? Comment below and maybe I'll do another one soon. Oh and one little thing...follow me on Instagram @samiamdean ;)

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