Trending: Stan Smiths

March 18, 2016

via @givemethathing on Instagram

Actually gaining a ton of popularity last summer in Europe, I wasn't sure if this trend would make it to the states or not. These shoes seem simple, but with new colors (especially black and white) these cute sneakers and becoming super popular across the country and I think they're perfect for spring. Below are some of my favorite colors and clothes to pair them with. Be sure to look at my other "trending" styles I've raved about before!

black stan smiths

green stan smith

gold stan smith

And who is Stan Smith anyways? He's actually a former pro tennis player from California, USA and has worked with Adidas before, when Stan Smith's were first made in the 60's and have continued to evolve since then. The signature colored back foam part is designed to protect the achilles tendon. If you love fashion history be sure to read about how couture fashion came to be .

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