In and Out List for Spring 2016

March 04, 2016

After a couple month hiatus, I'm finally back...sort of; let's just say college is a bit more time consuming than trying to write during the summer. Now that we're a good quarter of the way into 2016 and spring is right around the corner, it's time to freshen up your wardrobe and lifestyle with taking in some hot styles and sending what's "out" to your local Goodwill.

Stone Nails - IN
This cool concept makes nails look like marble or other stones, and is a trend I really hope to try. Although it seems really hard, to get a simple marble look, all you need is to paint your nails white, then use scrunched up plastic wrap to dab grey polish on top (here).

Mason Jars - OUT
Ok for a while these were the epitome of 'rustic chic' but now they are way overdone. In fact, the whole 'rustic chic' concept is pretty out (don't worry, it always arises more in fall) and more and more people are getting into modern and classic styles.

Clear Phone Cases - IN
While this isn't a breakthrough trend, it still is relatively new and is only going to become even bigger over summer. These clear cases let people see the actual color of your phone (ahem show off your rose gold iPhones ladies) and give a simple, boho vibe.

Instagramming Health Food Creations - (back) IN
For a while this was cool and then we all got sick of looking at people's poorly edited pasta and salmon dinners and it was out, but now with the 'Tasty' videos all over Facebook we're back to being obsessed with it. Only requirements are that the food is healthy, looks unique, and has good lighting. Please don't ruin it again with some sorry looking eggs and bacon.

Rompers - OUT
I've never got into the romper trend, I only owned one romper in my life and I think it was worn to the beach as a cover up. I don't know how these ever got popular, they look like adult diapers to me, but finally the trend is dead. Replace your romper with a jumpsuit and say goodbye to the saggy butt style.

Teeny Bikini's - IN
Cheeky bikini's are going to be all the rave this summer, so get on those squats ladies. With Instagram blowing up with photos of fit models showing off sandy asses, try to live a little wild this summer and show off some booty. Just for my sake and yours, keep it cheeky, but not a thong.

Rainbow Colored Hair - OUT
For a while it was edgy and artsy, but I think we all realized it's just tacky and makes it difficult to wear to work. Opt instead for strong shades if you want to stand out, such as black or a silvery blonde.

Quirky Pun Shirts - OUT
Granted, these look cute in photos on Insta, but they just look dorky walking down the street and honestly remind me of awkward middle school years (I specifically remember owning an 'Obama is my homeboy' shirt in 2008). Leave them for people who somehow make Instagram their job.

Denim Skirts - IN
These are going to be so cute in spring when it gets just a little warmer out. Just remember to go for well made, classy ones, and don't think about the ones we wore in high school that were too short, ripped and bleached.

What trends are you planning on showing off this spring? Are you already sporting one of the above? Hopefully one of the 'in's', but if not, there's still time before spring is officially here.

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