How to Get Designer Items for Less

January 15, 2016

I love adding little bits of designer fashion into my wardrobe, it gives my look an overall chicness, but I only have to splurge on one item if done right. No one will be able to tell if those black dress pants are Banana or Barneys, but they will know if you painted the bottom of your heels with a red sharpie. Here are my tips to get designer pieces for less, as well as some of my favorites items that can be dressed up or down!

1. Shop thrift stores
Sorry Goodwill doesn't count. Find a good thrift store with unique items near you, these are the places you dig around and could find a vintage Louis Vuitton or pair of gently used Jimmy Choos. Try using

2. Find steals on ebay
Ebay is one of my favorite sites, because people usually want to get rid of their items. Check out my tips for buying on ebay here, and also when searching for designer items, try misspelling words (i.e. "louis vutton") as other users won't be searching the misspelled listings and there will be little competition for bidding.

3. Browse discount sites
Sites like work with high fashion companies to create awesome deals. Be sure to sign up for emails so you can get online when they go on sale, they always sell out fast. Other good sites are Tradesy, Heels, and Bluefly.

Some of my favorite pieces that can be elevated or added to a casual look to chic-ify!

There's some iconic pieces we just will always recognize. What's your favorite designer piece? Ever gotten an amazing steal?

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