10 Gifts College Students will Love

December 04, 2015

The holiday season is coming up, and I know it can hard to think of what to tell your family you might like or what to get friends, so here's a list of 10 unique gifts they'll really enjoy, and with all kinds of budgets.

1. One of these funny ugly holiday sweaters, so they can be the hit of every ugly sweater party which they will attend a dozen of in college.

ugly christmas funny sweater

2. New appliances, such as a blender, cookware, toaster oven, or my personal favorite, a Magicbullet. Trust me, it's something they'll actually use.
magicbullet student gifts college
3. Although gift cards can feel like a cop-out, iTunes gift cards let them buy whatever music they like, and is a gift seriously enjoyed over a CD they'll just put on their iPhone anyways.
student gifts itunes gift cards

4. CD mixes-- even though I just said get a gift card, if it's for friends, you can organize a group and do a secret Santa sort of thing with them. I did this once and it was so fun trying to figure out who made your CD was really fun, and the whole thing was very cheap.

5. Buying clothes for other people can be hard, but new shoes, especially boots, are a cute and welcomed surprise that will be both functional and easier to buy than clothes. You can also pair them with gloves or a hat.
ugg bow boots gifts

6. A trip/flight/travel expense is probably the best gift I would want. I love this because it could range from 'surprise we're going somewhere right now', to $50 to pay for gas on a road trip. I love to travel and any amount that can help me go somewhere would be perfect.

7. A really pretty custom school or greek affiliation jewelry would be really welcomed by any college student. For guys this could even be a class ring! There's tons of websites with a whole range of prices and styles.
college greek life necklace gift

8. I'm always losing headphones or breaking a charger, so phone accessories of all kinds can be useful, cute gifts.
headphones phone iphone case

9. I love Netflix, and while most students have a TV, they don't have a way to put Netflix or online shows on there. With Roku, you simply plug it into your TV and get Netflix, Amazon streaming, Hulu and more.

10. Really, what more can a college student ask for than a home cooked meal, time with family and sleeping in a normal sized bed. Happy holidays!

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