How to go Out During Winter in College

November 13, 2015

Winter can be fun, it gets pretty with the snow, and there's a hint of the holidays in the air, everyone seems to be in a better mood...for about the first week of winter, and then we all realize how much we despise shoveling and slipping on ice. In college it can be especially difficult to motivate yourself to even get out of your warm twin XL bed, and the hardest part can be just figuring out how to go out to a party looking cute when it's below freezing.

My three steps would be to:

  • get up
  • wrap up
  • store it
Get up
Text friends and make them feel the FOMO, encourage each other to all meet up somewhere at a specific time so you're forced to get out of bed. Take a shower, it's proven that showering prepares you mentally to do something and thus makes you more productive. Be sure you dry your hair before going out on a cold night though!

Wrap up
This is probably the most important part, don't go out wearing next to nothing because you know it's going to be warm when you get to the party. It's unhealthy to expose yourself to that cold, and we all already get sick too much in college. Find an old jacket, or even go to somewhere like Goodwill or Salvation Army to pick up a really cheap one. It has to be something you'd be ok with losing or getting ruined. Once you establish that you won't mind if you never see this jacket in the same condition as before you leave the house, it takes a lot of pressure off of you for the next step.

Store it
So you get to the party and it's hot, probably there's too many people stuffed into a small basement, and you immediately want to take off your jacket. Find a room or corner to store your jacket that it won't be taken. I usually like to put mine behind a chair or even ask someone I know at the party if I can put it in their room. Remember where you put your jacket and say a little prayer that someone doesn't mistake it for theirs! Just keep in mind it was a cheap jacket, and like I said, accept it might get ruined or taken.

If I could put a fourth step I would say take an uber home, haha, I love to use uber when I need it, but also utilize campus or city buses or walk if you can to cut down costs. Use the code "samd213" if you've never used an uber to get your first ride free! Stay safe and alert and have a good time.

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