Pick of the Moment: The Boyfriend Jean

October 02, 2015

Can you smell that? It's the crisp air of fall coming upon us. Although pools and bikinis are nice, I'm ready to trade them in for boots and sweaters...and boyfriend jeans! What are they? They're a trend that started in the spring but slowed down when people stopped wearing jeans in summer, but with the cool of fall I really see them becoming huge. They're great for fall, especially since the most popular styles are cropped and have rips.

celebrities boyfriend jeans

I love how these can be dressed up or down so rather than break it down to the different styles as I usually do, I'm going to give you ways to dress these up or down!

To class - Stay simple with an oversized shirt or sweatshirt and keep it to sandals or sneakers, booties and wedges will be much too dressy for class.
boyfriend jeans ripped class outfit

To work - Dress this up a little more so it's appropriate for a part time job or a professional casual Friday. Try boots or booties to give it a sophisticated edge and pile the jewelry on the neutral palette.
work outfit inspiration boyfriend jeans

To the club/bar - Jeans to the club? Ok maybe more like a dressy bar scene, I wouldn't ever suggest jeans to a nice club, add the heels to give it a classic edge and the blazer for a grown up look.

going out bar outfit fashion inspiration

On a date - I think boyfriend jeans are so perfect for a date, they look nice but casual and the wedges gives it a fun vibe.
how to style boyfriend jeans date outfit
I hope these outfit boards are some inspiration for you to incorporate the boyfriend jean into your wardrobe this fall. Have you worn the bf jean yet? How do you style it?

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