Trend Watch: Androgynous

October 23, 2015

Androgyny is a very modern and different take on the fashion world, and whether you've realized it or not, it's already a major trend. The whole concept is that clothes are clothes, and males or females can wear what they want. This certainly ties into the feminist revival and the growing acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community; just another great example of how fashion relates back to everything. But besides men in dresses and women in basketball shorts, what is this new trend? Really it's a simplification of fashion, and we're seeing stores that just sort by shirts and bottoms, rather than mens and womens sections.

It also means that women are wearing boxy-er silhouettes and men more flowing and "feminine" figures. I think with winter this trend will just explode even more than it already has, and with it's long and slow growth, I really envision this becoming a central theme in fashion more than just the few runway shows we've already seen it in. So far this trend has been mostly on women, such as women in suits, but it really is now growing to both the mens side as well as the market of fashion in general. The difference between it just being men dressing like women and vice versa, is that the clothing is mean to be unisex, for any gender, whenever, wherever. It isn't just a tomboy/girl movement either, because it's not redesigning women's clothes for women, it's revolutionizing women's clothes for both genders.

(left androgynous, right tomboy)

So how can you get on board with the androgynous trend? Try buying a mens t-shirt and work your way up from there; incorporate more "masculine" colors, maybe even get to the point where you try a short haircut. The great thing about this trend is that there is a wide middle line, and a range of ways to wear this that you feel most comfortable in. 

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