Cute Halloween Costumes From Your Closet

October 30, 2015

Halloween is tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited. The whole week has been filled with candy sales, scary movies on ABC Family and yes, Halloween parties. People tend to be pretty impressed with my costumes, I like to think outside the box, but I also don't like spending money. I started reading these costume idea posts, and either the costumes weren't attractive, didn't make sense, or required stuff no one really has in their house (I mean a sailor hat and suspenders??). So here's my guide to cute costume ideas with things you actually have in your house.

1. Dalmatian - Take a white dress, or just a white top with jeans, and cut out black spots using construction paper or print a black sheet of paper. Glue, sew or safety pin the spots to your shirt, put your hair in pig tails and use eyeliner to put some spots on your face.

2. Coachella/festival goer - I went as this a few years ago in high school. Wear a tie dye or band shirt, gaucho pants or a long skirt, and sandals. Braid random sections of your hair and mess it up a little. Use makeup to draw artsy designs on your body, or the metallic temporary "flash tattoos" if you have them. Wear a stretchy headband so it goes over your forehead.

3. Deer - This costume has been huge this year already, I think it's because it's so simple. Just wear all brown and then draw some deer features on with makeup. If you don't have antlers, put a small chunk of hair up in a high pony or bun on each side or stick some twigs in your hair with a headband.

4. Lumberjack - Wear a flannel and a winter hat and boom you're a lumberjack. Print out an axe too if you have time and wear boots.

5. Siri - Wear all black in whatever flatters you most then just print or draw out the siri icon and attach it to yourself with glue, tape or safety pins.

6. Leslie Knope - Break out your best pant suit/business casual attire and pin a "button" (draw or print out a Knope 2016 logo) to your chest. Constantly talk about the parks of Pawnee.

7. Yoga teacher - Wear your favorite yoga pants with sneakers and a workout top, one with a buddha or ohm if you have it. Put your hair in a pony tail with a stretchy headband and carry a water bottle.

Which of these are you going to try? Or do you have another costume in mind? Happy Halloween!

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