VMA's Red Carpet Fashion

September 04, 2015

The VMA's are always interesting. It's an event where people can really where out there pieces and I think this is what can make outfits be huge wins or huge fails. Before the show even started, Taylor Swift and her posse showed up looking like the modern day goonies. Now you don't need to color coordinate but these girls were a mishmash of colors patterns and styles, and honestly on their own they didn't even look too stunning.

taylor swift and crew and friends vmas 2015 karlie kloss serayah cara delevigne gigi hadidMost of the ladies' outfits were extremely bland and cookie cutter, especially for the VMA's where you can go all out, Hailee Steinfeld (third in on left) looks sadly matronly, with the exaggerated neckline and thick choker, the only one who looks worse has to be Serayah (fourth in from the right) who was felt up by Freddy Kruger before the show. These girls are gorgeous and I don't know why they didn't show it off more! Even Taylor looks like she's wearing something Juicy Couture but at least she brought it back with her costume when she performed with Nicki Minaj, and in her music video which had a cool mod vintage mix. 
taylor swift and nicki minaj performance costumes fashion 2015 vmas

Miley started weak, and her red carpet outfit had me worried--if she dropped something and went to pick it up I was sure a double nip slip would occur, but her second outfit on stage was classy, fun and perfect for the VMA's. While really her next one was pretty risque it worked for me, it actually reminded me of something of the 90s or the movie Clueless. Throughout the night there were some odd ones, but I liked that she kept it fresh, weird and quirky without being too over the top that it was unnecessary.
miley cyrus vmas outfit red carpet show 2015 glitter jumpsuit high boots fashion
miley cyrus vmas 2015 on stage performance outfit costume disco pink silver bodysuit

kelly osbourne red carpet vmas 2015 outfit fashion policePossibly my least favorite outfit of the night was Kelly Osborne's worn out office attire. I don't understand what she's trying to show off with this, and it clashes with her body type, hair and the theme of the VMA's. This was one hot mess. Is she still on fashion police? I now understand the resentment towards the police...

blac chyna amber rose vmas 2015 red carpet outfit fashion nicki minaj vmas gold dress 2015Nicki looked great on stage with the first performance but looked like an absolute goddess coming on stage to receive her award for "Anaconda"; I especially loved how she paired the gold dress with metallic silver shoes. It's a bit unfortunate she didn't exactly act like a goddess, starting a fight with Miley on stage...

One of the most interesting and underrated outfits was by Blac Chyna and Amber Rose, who were certainly trying to make a political statement, I'm not sure what statement exactly besides what the media says about them, I think they could have done this a little better but this was a great issue to draw attention to and I admire them for using their stardom to draw attention to feminist issues.

There were a lot of amazing outfits that weren't on the most A list celebrities but still stunned me, these are a few of my favorites.
amanda steele arielle vanderberg keltie knight vma vmas miley cyrus 2015 fashion outfit red carpet best dressed worst

What was your favorite outfit at the VMA's? Overall, I have to give best dressed to Arielle Vanderberg, it was classy with a vintage vibe, that was still unique and funky enough for the VMA's.

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