Trend Forecast: Will the Denim Mini Make its Return?

August 28, 2015

It seems like all anyone is talking about now is the huge influx in denim, and with this rise in denim styles and looks, are we going to see the return of the denim mini? Earlier this year Rihanna was spotted wearing one that was not exactly her most bangin look (the blue tone, no print or rips, with frayed ends...can you hear my cringing?) and just a few weeks ago, Kendall Jenner was wearing one that was a bit more bearable on the eye (except maybe not from behind, that high hemline!). But is this really a super underground trend that we can see coming up in the fall with boots and leggings?

My forecast? No. There's already so much going on with denim, denim on denim, all colors of denim, flared, ripped, boot cut, skinny denim-- there's no room for anything else. I also think it's too soon for the denim mini to return, last I remember wearing one it was from American Eagle and I had a purple streak in my hair to commemorate Avril Lavigne. I believe I paired it with a poncho and on off days I'd opt for gaucho pants, sigh, I'm not ready for 2008 to come back just yet.

Instead of the denim mini, I could see a small spike in the trend of denim skirts. There's already a trend of exuding class and luxury, and I think this much better corresponds with the fall trends than a mini. Overall though I do think it will be just a small spike, you'll see  a lot of people wearing it for a couple of months then it will be gone with the cold of winter. Had this idea of a trend started last spring, maybe it would be hot, but I have a feeling by next spring we'll all be sick of this denim craze. So if you have a long denim skirt, go for it I say, but don't bother going out and buying one.

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