Project Runway First Impressions

August 14, 2015

Well kids the second episode of everyone's favorite fashion challenge aired last night, and I already have some strong feelings about our contestants (note the some, seriously like a quarter of these people have no personality). Let's start with the best;
project runway season 14 episode ashley nell tipton candice cuoco Edmond Newton kelly dempsey

Ashley - Too adorable for words. Her first outfit was stunning and something I would definitely wear, (although I was a bit worried by her mustard poncho in ep. 2) and her confidence and natural beauty are so apparent.

Candice - Fun loving and maybe the most mature out of the group, her style is so eclectic and put together boldness.

Edmond - Ok is he the only one really realizing it's a competition? I like his strategic thinking, and although his first dress was pretty bland, his wedding dress in the second episode was to die for, it was just gorgeous.

Kelly - At first her loud attitude and consistent F-bombs turned me off, but now that I've seen more of her, I think she has some super unique views that aren't the cookie cutter a lot of other contestants want to fit into.

And darlings....the worst!
amanda perna project runway season 14 review recap Blake Patterson Merline Labissiere

Amanda - If something isn't easy she really can't do it. She really gives off this rich city girl vibe who just went to FIT for funsies cause she adores Lauren Conrad. I see lots of big skirts with fitted waists in her future.

Blake - Groan. I could not stand him from the first moment I saw him. You're not adorable, you're not fabulous, you're ignorant and obnoxious. Cannot wait for the moment he is gone, I think his designs are just made crazy with everything he can think of (which isn't much).

Merline - She really seems like she tries so hard to be different, it's giving me a headache...along with all those thrown together prints. Nothing she's shown so far has wowed me, and I think her overthinking and trying to make everything super architectural will put her in a rut and be her demise.

Who's your favorite designer so far? The competition seems pretty loose right now, I don't see any one frontrunner, but do you?

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