Melissa McCarthy's Clothing Line - Initial Feelings

August 21, 2015

melissa mccarthy hsn shopping fashion seven7 clothing line promo image
All I've been hearing about this week is Melissa McCarthy's clothing line and how it is meant to accommodate all sizes. I love MM and the attitude her brand promotes, especially how she noted that “...if you’re going to make women’s clothing, make women’s clothing. Designers that put everyone in categories are over-complicating something that should be easy" ( Her clothes come in sizes 4-28 and are mostly basics; sweaters, cardigans, jeans...but what do I think about her style and actual clothing?

First off, her clothes are being sold by Home Shopping Network, which I think is a bit cheap/cheesy for the high class actress, I understand wanting to make the clothes easily available to everyone, but HSN? Feels outdated and drab. I think Macys, JCP or H&M would have been better. Secondly, on the HSN site it has a clear "Plus Size" section, completely against what MM said she wanted, I was very surprised to see this and think it contradicts the brand image completely, but I blame that more on HSN than MM. The prices are a little higher than I anticipated ($70 for jogger pants, about $60 for blouses) but not incredulously high, I guess people want to pay for the MM brand. 

Fashion-wise, the clothes are cute, but nothing innovative whatsoever. I've seen tops and bottoms very similar in Macy's or Gap, but for cheaper. The quality does look very good, but you're really paying to be wearing the MM brand or the extensive range of sizes, not a brand new style.

I think it's a good start for Melissa McCarthy, she's just getting started with fashion and like I said, the clothes aren't ugly, but they're also not to die for. I think as her brand grows and takes on new stores, her style might elevate as well. I look forward to see what she does, because I do really appreciate and hear the message she gives of every woman being a different size and not separating us into categories. What do you think of MM's line? Is this her new direction or should she stick to the screen?

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