What You Actually Need to Pack for Freshman Year of College

August 07, 2015

what you need for college packing list car cute vintage editHaving just completed my freshman year, I think I know a thing or two about what you need to bring. Combine that with going to school 3,000+ miles away from home and having to pack for end of summer, fall and beginning of winter, I needed to learn to bring a lot of variety that could fit in two small dresser drawers and a notch in the wall my school called a closet.
This is your one and only guide to what you actually need in college your first semester.

Some tips to keep in mind:

Remember that you're going to go home at some point, or at the very least, your parents can ship some of your stuff to you.

Prioritize your bag space, shipping clothes is easier than shoes or bedding, so start off by packing the essentials. Also try to not buy bulky stuff like your toiletries, school supplies, bedding or decorations, buy those when you get to campus (Target is never too far away)!

You will wear less than you think. Yes you may need one pair of heels, but I promise you won't be wearing them to any average Thursday night party you go to every week as much as you may think you will. Most likely, you will have just a few go-to outfits for school, lounge, and parties.

Be sure you clean out and stock up. Meaning, clean out what you don't really wear and get anything you think you seriously need.

You're going to take too much. Everyone told me this and I'm sure you've heard it too, but yes you will take too much of at least one thing. My thing was heels and shorts. I hate heels and I lived in the freezing temps of Boston last year, but I still thought I would get enough use out of them. I didn't. Seriously think about your geography and what you really wear right now.

If you don't have it, someone does...and at the very least, you'll live. If you're going away to college, most likely you're living in a dorm or shared apartment. If you don't have the right shade of red nail polish there's surely someone else on your floor who will (not to mention great excuse to friend flirt -- my name to the awkward small talk you make all first semester to try and find your friends), and if not, you're going to live. Seriously, it won't be a huge deal.

Most stores will let you ship to a local store, where you can then pick it up. Bed Bath & Beyond even gives you a tag gun and you can make a list as you walk around the store.

college dorm bedding list packing for school necessary ultimatepacking list for college dorm clothes

I made this list a little bit skimpy on purpose, because we all know you're going to stuff an extra shirt in there or pair of shoes, but try to stick to this as much as you can and you won't be kicking yourself come winter break for wasting so much space. Plus this is a list just for first semester!

I don't suggest bringing all of this stuff with you, a lot of it, especially toiletries and room items, can be bought when you get to your campus. Now since I'm no Wikipedia, I won't know every little thing every person needs, so I recommend this list from HerCampus that gives a ton of ideas of what you might need.

There's a * next to items you may not need, you should see how much space you have and talk with your roommate(s) about just one person bringing it.

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