Upcoming Beauty Trends

July 09, 2015

As the summer approaches its final month or so, it's time to start thinking about fall trends, and while this blog is mostly about fashion, why not try switching up your beauty style as well? Makeup and hair are two great accessories that can easily (and cheaply) be done in a different way that will revolutionize your complexion.

Rich tones that smoke out to created a faded look reminiscent of traditional Chinese culture will be perfect for fall. Look at these inspiration photos I created and look for the trends of dark lips, smoky red eyes, brown bottom liner, bold winged liner and golden glowing faces.

The whole theme is meant to be a fusion of victorian era and oriental styles. It's very similar to old school Hollywood glam, but less glam and more dark and earthy. Jewel tones will look great on the eyes and plum to brown shades will work for lips. Give the cheeks a brown toned blush, the focus isn't on one part of the face but the color scheme as a whole.

Please comment if you liked this, beauty is a whole new area I'm venturing into and would love feedback. Look forward to Part II soon where I'll post about the hairstyles that coincide with this trend!

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