The 30 Day Kindness Challenge!

July 24, 2015

I went to dinner with my dad and brother the other night, and my dad forgot his wallet and I didn't bring my purse and my brothers card had only $15 on it. So as we were sitting there trying to transfer money to his card or figure a way that one of us would drive home, the waitress came up to us and said that the couple at the table next to us had already covered it for us. It was so nice and unexpected and it really got me thinking about the 'pay it forward' movement, so I made this little "30 Day Challenge" to motivate you to do something nice every day, even if it's just something little.

Tweet, pin, and share this with the buttons below and use the hashtag #SBSKindessChallenge on all social media posts to share pics and stories of your kindness challenge. I challenge you also to tag 10 people in your post to take the challenge with you. While this is definitely a challenge, use this as a guide but really try to do some of these things every day... good luck!

Here are some graphics as well to share and let everyone know what an awesome challege you're partaking in.

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