Trend Watch - Denim on Denim

July 31, 2015

If Britney and Justin in 2001 isn't the first thing that goes into your head when you hear 'denim on denim' you're really missing out.

denim on denim britney spears justin timberlake ugly
Oh yeah. It's pretty jazzy.

But denim on denim can actually be really cool, and is becoming a trend. The slow rise of the trend means it could be one that really sticks for a while-- the slower a trend rises the longer it stays, and the quicker a trend rises the shorter it will be in style. 

j lo jennifer lopez zendaya celebrity style denim on denim fashion

kendall jenner cara delevigne denim on denim fashion inspiration
The first thing to notice in these pictures are the sub trends flowing throughout:

1. Rolled up cuffs
The sleeves and/or bottoms of the pants are rolled up in every picture, and a few do both! Rolling up the cuffs gives texture and shape, creating complexity in the simple outfit. The same idea is added with the patches on Kendall's (bottom left) bottoms.

2. Flared color
Cara and Zendaya's (top and bottom right) bottoms are a flared color, where they have a splash of light denim on them. This adds dimension and gives the look interest rather than just denim fabric on top of one another. The same idea is seen in Kendall and JLo's (top and bottom left) tops, and a little in Cara's top (hers is more ombre).
3. Monochromatic
For the most part, all the celebrities above are wearing blue denim, with the exception of Kendall in the bottom left who is wearing washed out denim. She ties the light denim on light denim with her dark purse and dark hair. When trying this look out try to stick to blue denim and keep the colors similar, but not exact, as seen in the pictures above.

4. Tucked in shirts 
This looks like a revival (or continuation) of the tucked in shirt trend we've seen before, tucking in shirts to give everyday clothes a more professional vibe. Celebrities always have meetings to be at and events to be seen at, so as we aspire to be like the elite, we dress like them...and that has brought about this huge rise of glam professional.

5. Buttons
Just another way to add interest to the trend, buttons are a different color and stand out against the blue denim. Without buttons the top and bottom would look seamless, and not in a good way, (think the B and JT photo above)! They invent a 3D element to the clothes and keep it from being too flat.

My forecast; the DD trend is going to be major, it's already building up a lot. I think this will be extremely huge in the fall, it's cute casual and with a pair of heels or updo, sexy and chic.

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