Upcoming Trends

June 26, 2015

Again it's been a long long break, but I just did this amazing five week long course on trend forecasting in London and Paris, and I'm feeling inspired again. It's certainly a new goal to keep up with this blog more consistently.
Anyways, I want to share the information I learned while in Europe as well as some European inspiration, so here's the first of some upcoming trends you should start seeing in the fall.


Holographic - Shiny and bold, incorporate this in your shoes or purse if you're not ready to wear a whole skirt of it.

Neoprene - The "scuba" fabric that became popular with the Triangl bikini's is very fashion forward and especially easy to incorporate into your wardrobe.

Mesh - Also an interesting and new fabric, this can be added into little bits of your outfit or a whole piece. It can even be mixed with neoprene for a two in one futuristic trend.

Astronaut inspiration - Especially inspired by the helmet astronauts wear, as well as the metallics in their suits and the stars they zoom through, this look is the ultimate new-age trend.


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