Parisian Style Favorites

March 23, 2015

I know it has been forever since I've been on this blog, but college has been a lot and stressful, but I am going to London and Paris this summer to study fashion and I've been obsessed with Parisian style. I've posted some of my favorites and iconic pieces to look tres chic no matter where you are. Many of these pieces are also perfect for early spring.

Neutrals - The Parisians love their neutrals, and while a splash of color here and there really pops, you will find most stick to black, white and nude tones.

Strappy heels - Not so strappy that you look like Snooki going to the club, but some thin straps with a monotone heel will look classy and can be worn day or night by French standards.

Trench coats - Classic for any season really, these have a cute springy look, especially with pastels or a skirt.

Full tulle skirts - These are by far my favorite pick of all. They're girly and chic and reminiscent of Holly Golightly. Somehow they capture elegance and are fun too.

  1. Wear a pop of color with neutrals
  2. Incorporate one pattern or texture (such as lace or stripes)
  3. Overdress by American standards

  1. Sneakers/tennis shoes unless you're working out
  2. Super casual shorts
  3. Anything super casual for that matter

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