Cold Fall Styling Tips

November 09, 2014

I'm sorry it has been so long (about 3 months...whoops!) since my last blog post, I've been moving into college for my first year and it's been a weird transition. I'm hopefully doing a couple classes on fashion abroad this summer so I figured I should shake off the dust and start doing some posts again.

Fall is almost over, and the chill of winter is really about to set in soon. Thanksgiving is in just a few weeks and it's at this awkward stage where it's weird to pull out all of the winter clothes and too soon to put away the fall clothes. Here I'll try to help mesh the two for an easier, and warmer, transition.

Switch out a light scarf for a warm one - I especially like the infinity scarves, and wool or thick cotton will keep the wind from creeping into your jacket.

Invest in a warm coat - Coats get expensive very fast, but it's a spot to splurge. Try to find something down if you want to wear it through the winter, or wool if it's just for fall.

Layer - It can be really cold in the morning and then warm up throughout the day, so under your thick coat wear a light tee with a cardigan  

Neutrals are your friend - Although it can be tempting to want to jump right into rich emeralds, and cranberry reds for the holiday season, wait until halfway though December. Keep things interesting with cool textures or light prints.

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