Pick of the Week - Statement Necklaces

July 23, 2014

Statement necklaces are big, bright necklaces that, well, make a statement! They can be worn with a variety of styles-that I will be more than happy to show you below-and I've just been loving them lately! They can be worn dressy or casual, colorful or earth tones. Be sure to read to the bottom where a special coupon code awaits you!

If your style is mostly...

Preppy-Ah the origin of statement necklaces. It's more the color scheme that differentiates a necklace from girly to preppy.

Edgy-As with my other POTW posts, edgy can be achieved pretty easily by having dark colors and a torn up or worn look.

Funky-Mix bright colors of necklaces with prints in your clothes or the necklace itself!

Conservative-If you're worried that statement necklaces are just TOO much, try a quiet statement necklace to just get your feet wet on this trend.

Cocktail/date night-Not necessarily a style, but a cocktail or date night might require a more subdued necklace that still looks feminine and lovely!

Check out AnneEmmaJewelry, a super cool Etsy shop that has a ton of adorable necklaces all under $10! Shipping is a little pricy ($7 to the US) because she is in Hong Kong, but they're still super duper cheap and adorable. Plus they say "every order will get little surprise GIFT. The more you purchase, the more valuable one you get". For every purchase you make over $12 you can get 10% off with the coupon code "SAM10PERCENTOFF", just a special treat for my readers!

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