Ebates - Explained

July 09, 2014

First of all, sorry for being MIA for a few weeks, I was on vacation! It inspired some traveling posts though so be prepared to see these soon.

"Ebates" is a third party site through which you connect to online stores. The site gives coupons and cash back for buying what you were going to buy anyways! It's been raved about by bloggers and YouTubers, so I thought I would share it with you. You enter your email and address, then search where you want to shop (it can be one of hundreds of registered sites). Ebates will connect you to the site, you do an online purchase as you usually would, then go back to Ebates to see if you earned any coupons or cash back. The amount (or sometimes lack of) coupons or cash back just depends on the registered status of the site with Ebates. On your first purchase you can also choose a $10 gift card from a few select stores!
I just started using Ebates, and have only gotten my first $10 gift card as any cash back, but I've only bought twice through the site. I've also not experienced any technical or security problems with the site, and have NOT heard any bad experiences from other bloggers or YouTubers when using the site. Ebates has also been featured on CNN, ABC, Wall Street Journal, and other credited sources.
To try out Ebates and get your first $10 gift card, sign up with this link! *I was not contacted or sponsored by Ebates, I made this post on my own to spread my positive experience and explain the site.

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