Swimsuit Styles for Summer 2014!

June 06, 2014

I love swimsuits and I love swim shopping. I know as a woman I'm supposed to complain about not having a "bikini body" and whatever, but honestly I do not care (everyones legs jiggle I promise you). I love the bright prints and ability to mix and match, honestly you can wear just about anything for a swim suit and it will be cute (note the almost). Anyways, here are some styles and colors I've found super adorable and seen a lot this season in stores and online.

Tropical print- I love this print (ok ok I'll stop saying "love"). Something about tropical print is so girly and yet sexy, and it looks universally good. Some tropical prints are mixing with other prints like leopard/cheetah print, but I prefer to not mix.

Cut outs- Tops and bottoms with cool cut outs or intricate strings that will create one heck of a tan line.

Flouncy- Girly and sweet, these tops are a little more coverage and young looking.

Bralette- Sort of bra-like, with a thick band and underwire, these tops have great support and keep the girls covered. Bonus, they're adorable.

High waisted/retro- This trend is certainly not for me, but I've seen quite a few girls be able to pull this off. It's less of a nod and more of a full on grasp of the 50s, with high waisted bottoms and American color scheme.

*If anyone would like to see a bathing suit guide for their body type, or any other swim questions, please let me know in the comments, I would be happy to make a post!

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