Pick of the Week - Green

May 28, 2014

Ok, so usually my "pick" posts are about a certain type of clothing or style, but now that spring has sprung and I'm into summer, green has been all over and I love it! Usually green isn't my sort of color, but something about the preppy styles and florals of this time of year have gotten me more into it. Here are some of my favorite shades of green this season, as well as some ideas of how I would wear them.

Hunter green-Usually more of a winter color, I've found I really like this color for accent pieces or accessories, so I can incorporate the green without looking out of season.

Fern green-A green that reminds you of leaves at the peak of spring, this color is light and summery, but not neon.

Pastel/pale green-Another very summery color that has been seen among girly and bohemian styles a lot recently. Try to avoid bright pastels (is that an oxymoron?), neon green is still tacky!

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