Secret Shopping - Urban Outfitters

April 04, 2014

Urban Outfitters is known for it's high amount of teen and early 20s clientele and I have always had pretty good experiences there. Last week was no surprise. The store near me was having a moving sale; most items were 50-70% off and even though it had been picked through, I found loads of great items and ended up leaving with a few shirts, a sweatshirt and a skirt ALL for $30. I wasn't greeted as I walked in, but the few people working seemed very busy at the registers. Because it was a huge sale I wasn't expecting much attention from them anyways, but found the lady working in the changing room to be nice and attentive. The changing rooms were clean and didn't have any clothes left in them from the person before, proof that the woman working was doing her job. As I went to check out the line suddenly got really long and they tried to ring me up as fast as they could but something wasn't working with the cash registers. The guy who was working kept apologizing and saying it would only take a minute, and overall just tried to be helpful. I had a great experience and it really made my day better. Excellent job UO!

  • Customer service - 5/5
  • Store organization - 4/5
  • Clothing/fashionability - 5/5
  • Pricing - 4/5
  • Overall - 5/5

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