Pick of the Week - Kimono Cardigans

April 16, 2014

Kimono cardigans, or kimono jackets, have suddenly become the "it" item of this spring and summer. Expect to see them at music festivals, around a bonfire, or the farmer's market. They have a beachy, bohemian feel and can be incorporated into many styles. Read below for what's best for your closet!

If you're cheap....Kimono jackets haven't exactly been the cheapest things around. Running over $100 at Urban Outfitters and in the $50s in many other stores. Here's some that are cute without going broke.

Edgy...Kimono's may seem all floral and bright, but finding them in dark hues with little to no pattern can keep them more rocker chic.

Girly...girly isn't hard to do with kimonos. They're light and flowy. Avoid looking too bohemian by avoiding fringe and dark colors. Pastels and lace go nicely with girly styles.

Bohemian...look really bohemian rather than a hint of it with fringe and long kimonos. Try incorporating lots of jewelry and distressed shorts. Keep the patterns simple and avoid flowers, that can blend in with what everyone else wears.

If your spring is actually cold...I used to live in the Northeast so I hated when new styles for spring came out in March and there was still snow on the ground. Try sweater-like kimono's to keep you warm but springy!

If you're actually going to a festival...I'll be watching my Coachella and Lollapalooza on my computer, but for you lucky ducks who can go to these, keep it light light light! No dark colors even, they'll absorb more light and make you hotter. Light, short and simple!

Tips: Really you can look about anywhere and there's kimono tops. Forever 21 and Tilly's have pretty wide selections for under $30. Scroll through pinterest as well to find links to cute kimonos.

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