Online Boutique I LOVE - Marina's Closet

April 22, 2014

So as college approaches more and more, I've been thinking about how my style will change and what I want to wear (side note; if you want me to do a post about college fashion just comment!). Somehow I've really gotten into this "preppy" theme, and long story short, preppy clothes cost a lot. So in my search to save my poor, minimum-wage-working-butt, I've been looking for dupes of popular classic and upscale brands. In my search, I found this cute shop through Etsy, called Marina's Closet. She uses fabrics of popular brands like Lilly Pulitzer and Ralph Lauren Polo to make cute accessories. The best part is the prices are pretty reasonable, and knowing it comes from a small business is nice too.

Favorite Part - It's a great small business that has nice preppy style for affordable prices. The store layout is clean and simple, making it easy to navigate and know what you're buying.

Least Favorite Part - She doesn't sell as many actual clothes as I would like to see.

BONUS! Use the coupon code 'SAMSCODE' for a 20% discount, good until the end of May

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