Pick of the Week - Skater Skirts

February 26, 2014

"Skater skirts" as they've been coined are big flowy mini skirts. A bit oxymoronic, but they can fit a huge range of styles, from edgy to preppy. Here's some of my picks depending on what look you want!

Girly: Tuck in a bright or sparkly shirt and skater skirts in pastels will work wonders. If you want to wear a plain top, try lace or sparkles on the skirt itself.

Edgy: Yes you can wear a skirt that flows and keep a rocker edge. Opt for skirts in dark colors and wear a tank top or ripped tee on top.

Bohemian: Find a patterned skirt in earth tones and wear a flowy top or scarf with it.

Couture: Ok not full on "couture" but to get a runway ready look match your skirt and top. Pair with heels and make sure the top is more tight fitting than flowing.

Forever 21 ($19.80)

Fun: Neon neon neon! Bright skirts with plain white tees are super in style. Use bold color and print to stand out, just keep the top to neutral colors so there's no "highlighter look".

Tips - The main idea of a "skater skirt" is it is short and flowing. They're super in style right now so just search for "skater skirt" online and tons of results will pop up! Trendy, young stores like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe seem to have the most selection, but look online and find whatever suits your style best!

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