Pick of the Week - Princess Rings

February 05, 2014

Dainty, pretty and sparkly, "princess rings" are showing up more and more. They can be worn by anyone with practically anything, but seem to be highlighted on pink polished nails with girls with their hair in messy buns wearing oversized cardigans. Here's some types of princess rings for everyone!

If you're cheap-there are plenty of cheap options for princess rings, from the most basic at just a few dollars.

If you think your fingers are fat-first off many women are self conscious about their fingers, so no, you're not weird. But avoid tiny rings that will make your fingers seem any larger. Also try to find rings with long crown points to help elongate your fingers.

If you aren't a girly girl-go dainty and sparkly! Rosegold color will also go well with all the glitz.

If you're obsessed with princess rings like me-check out sites like etsy and Amazon, and try searching for "princess rings" or "crown rings". Also small boutiques or jewelry stores like Claires may have them around!

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