Secret Shopping - Intro/About

January 17, 2014

     Being a teenager who shops a lot, I can't help but feel a bit on the outside looking in when I shop alone or with a friend my age. I sometimes feel like I'm not being taken seriously, other times I feel like a well valued customer and am treated with the utmost respect. I think the way that a company treats someone who doesn't look like they have a lot of money to spend and still lives with their parents says a lot about the company and their values.
    Because of this, I've started an exciting new segment that I will post every Friday, Secret Shopping. I will go to a store, look around, try on some things, and leave without buying something. Then I'll write a post on my experience as a whole.

I hope you like this idea, please leave comments on how you feel about it, and any other type of stories you'd like to see!

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