Secret Shopping - Francesca's Collection

January 31, 2014

After a bad day at school last week, I decided a bit of retail therapy couldn't hurt. I walked into the tiny boutique-style store (I didn't even know there were more than a few until writing this article!) and found myself a bit disappointed. Truthfully, the chaotic day didn't exactly help put me in the best mindset, but no matter what, I think shopping should be an enjoyable experience that has the ability to lift our spirits.

So after walking in and seeing there were only two other women in the store, I thought for sure one of the two college-aged girls would greet me-I was mistaken. I decided to head towards the large sale rack in the back, brushing off that I was never welcomed, maybe they just didn't see me. The rack of sale items was a bit cluttered, but it seemed the two sales girls were brushing up the front of the store, and it wasn't so cluttered I couldn't find anything. As I was looking through dresses marked only about $10 off, I heard the two women trying on clothes cavelling over a blouse. The two sales girls walked by and also told the women how great the color looked on her or some other form of compliment.

I was sure by now the sales girls had seen me, but still had yet to say hi or ask if I needed help finding anything. A bit annoyed, I made my way to the front of the store to do one last look over of the jewelry and bags before I left. One of the sales girls was in the front near where I was and as a group of 2 ladies and their daughters walked in she made a cheery 'hello' and smile. Cheery sales girl was working on the rack of already organized clothes and as I made my way out of the store just moments after these new ladies walked in, I was never noticed.

Though perhaps the sales girls thought I was a spy on a mission or running away from the law, being greeted going in and out of a door is basic customer service, as is being asked if I'm doing ok or need help finding anything. This isn't the first time I've had this happen at Francesca's Collection, and I'm not sure why, their clothes and style seem to reflect that of late teens to college aged girls.

All in all here is how I rate my experience:

  • Customer service - 1/5
  • Store organization - 4/5
  • Clothing/fashionability - 5/5
  • Pricing - 3/5
  • Overall - 2.5/5

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