Hit vs Miss - Lipsticks

January 15, 2014

Lips can be a tricky part of your makeup look, they should be in balance with everything; your outfit, hair, face shape, lip size, eye makeup...the list goes on. So what looks were hits and what ones were misses with their lipstick?


While Taylor's smoldering eye's and dirty brown highlights keep her looking warm, Kate Hudson's matching skin tone and hair with barely-there eye makeup don't balance her thin lips, and the nude lipstick just further washes her out.


 Emma Stone looks stunning with the pink lips as her stand-out feature, but Kat Denning's powder blue eyeshadow is too much in contrast with the pink lip color. The color itself is too warm for her olive complexion and along with her full lips causes this miss.


Rihanna looks classic with simple makeup balanced by her warm coloring. Kristen Wiig on the the other hand, looks ghostly with her hair and lips matching and no color to her skin. If she wants to go light on the blush and bronzer her lips should go light too.


Does Miranda Kerr ever not look stellar? Her blue eyes are accented with the perfect plum red shade. Cher Lloyd misses the mark, with deep red liner and cherry lipstick. With an olive skin tone like hers, going darker is key.

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