Chanel Spring 2014

January 29, 2014

Couture is always a bit....couture? But here's some items from the Chanel show that are just so fab. Break outside your typical box and dare to be a little too dressy and fashionable! (Is there a thing?)


Floral prints/lace- Ah yes, only Chanel can get away with lace and florals in spring and still keep it looking fresh. Mix these with the next trend.

Wool & Skirts-Keep it looking springy when really it's still a bit chilly out by wearing a skirt of wool and a wool jacket. If wool on wool is too matchy for you, try a button up, collared blouse on top!


Boyish figure-If you've read any of my other posts on spring shows you now might be seeing a trend with these spring shows, the 20s boyish cut, boxy look is back! If broad shouldered tops and hard shaped skirts might be too boxy for you, keep the waist cinched.

Pastels-Mix and match your Easter colors, and match your shoes to what you're wearing! The uniform mixed (paradox?) colors will add spring to your step.

Light metallics-If you don't want to mix colors, try mixing in some metallics, but not too much, just some buttons, wrists, collar (as seen below) is enough.

Dress up-If plain pastels and a little metallic aren't enough for you, get crazy with the night gowns! Keep them long or over the knee for that 1920s lady look, but add metallics, beads and feathers for a modern twist.

Can't afford Chanel? I know I wish I could too. Here's some options for you and me.

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