Balenciaga Spring 2014

January 04, 2014

Ok, ok I know I'm a little late to the party here, but the Balenciaga Spring 2014 show was too fabulous to not note. As the new year starts and we begin the slow climb out of oversized sweaters and leggings, seeing some skin on the models was a relief. Here are the highlights and main ideas presented in the show.

Black and white dominated the show, with only a few pastels accenting here and there. The intricate pattern on the skirt appeared on many of the bottoms. Odd patterns were what seemed to stand out from other spring collections, where floral reigns.

Off the shoulder tops were everywhere, along with boxy bottoms and tops. The boy-ish look may be sneaking in here, but the sexiness of light ruffles and short-shorts keep the models from looking too 1998. 

The show overall was basic, and perhaps a bit bland for my taste in spring collections, as spring represents rebirth and awakening. Try mixing in some color with the black and white basics in your accessories, headwear and shoes.

Try these pieces to incorporate into your collection and "get the look"!

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